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Hello all

Congrats nic251.

I am doing good. I have been having a hard time kicking this ear infection. It finally started to drain this last week but it won't quit. I may have to go in and see if it is normal drainage. I have started to count the days till my Due date. 26 days not counting today. It's under a month and only 3 weeks and 5 days. Oh it's getting so close I can't wait. Lara that means you are getting really close too. I have gotten to where I can't wait to have this baby I am so tired of being sick and not being able to take the strong medicine to kick it out of the system. But I still won't be able to take the strong stuff because I will be breastfeeding and you have to watch what you are taking at that time also. I didn't take a lamaze class this time but I think I can remember everything I need to do for breathing techniques. I have really started to nest though. I have been cleaning the house and trying to get things in order and it only took me 1 week to get the kitchen clean. The last 2 days have been just sitting around and not doing much else. I bruised my little toe the other day when I was walking down the hall and it really hurts so if I do to much so I have to take it easy. I also gained 2 pounds according to TOPS scale this week. YEAH!!! I thought I would never say that I needed to gain weight. I never seemed to have problems gaining before I got pregnant. well I better go and will check in later in the week.

Take care all.
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