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Good morning! My doctor appointment went well. It was uneventful though (though I can't believe that any appointment where I'm able to hear a baby's heart beating inside me is uneventful!) My next appointment in 4 weeks, and then we'll be doing the gestational diabetes testing. I'm nervous about this for some reason. My doctor said that my weight gain is good--I wondered if the nurse accidentely wrote down the wrong number or something!!!!

JandC'smom--you're doing great!! We're about the same height. I'm just an inch taller. I look forward to getting back down to your weight

Hi, Donna! Welcome back to you, too. I did flex, because Mountain Dew fit in nicer with my points than with the other program. lol

Thanks, Misty. You're exactly right about the placenta thing. My doctor said that it is not a big deal and that it wasn't covering my cervix, so she won't even recheck it. I was kind-of hoping she would---only to see another ultrasound!! Congrats on all the job opportunities. Even if the sub position is not something that you're enjoying, you certainly have the right attitude about it. It's not forever, and hopefully it's worth the money. It's nice to know that they want you, too!! I bet it's tough taking the kids to a sitter for the first time. You sound busy. Hon, you have to take time for yourself! Are you doing that? You need to get those good chemicals moving around in your body. I'm 29, and I can imagine that turning 30 next February will be rough on me as well.
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