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Really ellimination is the only way to tell, because some people will say there is no safe amount of aspartame, and others ingest HUGE quantities of the stuff and seem to suffer no ill effects.

I do use artificial sweeteners including aspartame and Splenda, though right now I'm using Splenda more often than others partly because I just happened to buy a large bag of splenda and splenda containing soft drinks just as my husband and I decided to go low-carb. The book I'm getting my recipes from, says that the body reacts to aspartame somewhat like sugar (you can get blood sugar spikes), but apparently this isn't true of Splenda. Don't know if this is true or not, and have to do a bit of research, so don't quote me on that, yet).

You can become sensitive to things that didn't bother you before, but I would look at things that have changed first. But switching to Splenda for a while could help you decide if the aspartame is the culprit.
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