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I'm going to add my list of weight loss tips in here, too;

1. Journal
Make sure that you write down everything that you eat. I found out when I started that I had to write everything before I ate it to make sure that I stayed within the range that I allowed for myself.

I read an article last week about people who were trying to lose weight by counting calories. When they were asked how many calories they were eating each day, they said that they were eating anywhere from 1200 - 1500 calories. When their food was journalled, it was found that these people were eating anywhere from 3 - 4 times more than what they thought they were and didn't know it.

Write down everything you eat.

2. Drink Water
I discovered the advantage of drinking water by accident one night. On a Sunday evening, I was having terrible trouble with cravings. I really crave dessert, cheese and meat. This particular day, I could not control the urge to have a huge hunk of cheddar. I decided to go for a drive, and while out for the drive, dropped by the store to buy some flavored bottles of water (for work the next day). When I got home the craving was still really bad, so I decided to take a bottle of water and sit down to read posts on 3FC while I drank it. After I finished the bottle of water, the cravings had disappeared.

A few days later, I read an article that said many people develop cravings for food when they are, in fact, dehydrated. To satisfy the craving, they eat what they crave, but the craving does not go away, so often end up bingeing. They are still dehydrated.

Drink Water

There are other things that I have had to deal with along this journey and many of them are mentioned in this thread, however, the 2 most important for me are listed above. This does not discount exercise (really necessary for a healthier being and also contributes to weight loss), motivation (until you are ready to lose weight, you will not succeed), learning from setbacks (how do you get better if you don't learn from experience).

This is a great thread.
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