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Method to the Madness
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I tried Diet to Your Door back in November and it did teach me a lot about what to eat to keep myself full, tons of veggies for sides and a little bit of carbs. The best things I had were definitely the stuffed chicken/turkey dishes and the soups. The ingredients seemed pretty healthy overall and I was never hungry... however...
1. As mentioned above, it's a lot of chicken. They give you other things like beef , pork, and fish, but I found the beef and pork a lot of times to just be terrible considering they tasted like they had been boiled in a bag (which they were.. haha). Sometimes the beef was okay though, like in a stir-fry. The pork.. well.. I could never stomach more than a couple of bites. (Disclaimer: I don't really like pork much to begin with unless it's prepared by a gourmet chef or something.)
2. This diet plan was apparently too low-carb for me. I know some people seem to think that if you get terrible headaches it's a good thing because you're detoxing from carbs, but that just wasn't what I was aiming for. It got so bad that one day I binged (and I am NOT a binger) on white bread and pickle sandwiches. How gross. I knew it was the carbs though because immediately after eating a piece of fruit or whatever, my headache disappeared. Which brings me to #3...
3. No raw/fresh fruits or veggies. They don't allow (or at least no where does it say you can have) additions of fruits or raw veggies (salads or whatever) to add to it. They claim that their meal plan is complete and you don't need to supplement it. I never wanted a nectarine so much in my life. The only fruit they give you is two packs of frozen berries to go with oatmeal, which simply isn't enough fruit in a week for me.
4. I had some of the bags burst on me! It was terrible, when I'm paying quite a bit for a meal, I'd expect it not to be ruined because the bag exploded during heating, leaking sauce into the water. At first I thought it was because I was heating it at too high of a temperature, but it still happened after lowering it. Maybe it's just me, though.
5. They serve white carbs??? I still can't figure this out. Sometimes they'll be really good and give you a side of quinoa, and then others (usually with an Asian dish) they'll give you white rice. Who knows. I guess they're trying to appeal to a wide range of people, including those who think anything whole grain is evil tasting.

Overall, I'd say this is higher quality than Lean Cuisine, for example, but it's still not as great (obviously) as a home cooked meal. I did learn a lot from my experience, but I didn't last for very long (3 weeks I think) because I couldn't stand not being able to choose what I wanted to have for a meal. Sometimes you don't *feel* like eating beef stir-fry for lunch and you just want a sandwich, you know? I will give DTYD props for getting me started on the healthy eating path, though. Though I took a break during the holidays, I don't think I would have gotten back on track without my "weight loss experiment" in November. I guess it got me into the correct mindset, so I'd call it a good thing overall, despite all of my negative feelings... haha.
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