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I think make-your-own pizza night would fit right into the slumber party theme. Pitas (regular and whole wheat) make perfect single serving crusts, Tortillas do too, though the "crust" is much thinner and can get soggy with too much sauce. Jars of spaghetti, pizza, barbecue, salsa or alfredo sauce. Diced cooked chicken (tyson makes some pre-cooked chicken chunks), peperoni, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and fine shredded cheese (so it goes a lot further if you want to go light on the cheese) or reduced fat cheese (I also like dry curd 1% cottage cheese on pizza, if I can find it).

My husband and I do this alot. We sometimes by frozen thin crust pizza crusts from a home baking and bake-your-own store (all sorts of frozen baked goods, seasonings, and dry goods).

This worked well for us when only I was dieting (he would add all the gooey toppings) and now that we both are (but have different tastes).
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