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There's no magic number, there are too many factors to make this something even worth worrying about. When people spontaneously say they noticed depends on:

- how overweight you were to start with PLUS how much you lost
- your clothes -- if you're wearing exactly the same clothes, you can still appear to be the same size you were
- how you carry your weight and where you lose first
- whether that person sees you every day, once per week, once per month, once per year
- how much they noticed what you USED to look like
- how observant they are NOW

Also ... just because they haven't said they noticed doesn't mean they haven't. Some people are afraid of jinxing you, some may be afraid of seeming nosy or superficial. If they have their own weight/body issues, they may have lots of reasons for not saying anything, positive and negative.

Honestly, as sensitive as I am to weight, someone has to lose a good chunk for me to notice. I just don't go around thinking about how other people look day to day.

And, to answer the question ... I lost about 40 pounds before anyone said anything.
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