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I make a veggie salad that I often add frozen artichole hearts to (I buy the Walmart brands and they're not tough when simply thawed).

In a bowl I mix a bag of frozen mixed veggies and the artichoke hearts (still frozen) in a bowl. (Walmart has some great frozen mixed veggies, all under $1.50. My favorite is the Asparagus Stiry Fry). I slice a sweet onion, and throw that in the bowl. Sometimes I will add a small jar of either pickled baby corn or peppers (like cherry peppers, banana pepper slices, or pimentos). Maybe I'll add green pepper slices and a few green or black olives.

(Basically the only ingredient I always use is the bag of frozen mixed vegetables - anything from california blend to snap pea stir fry. If I'm making a double batch for a pot luck I'll buy two different blends).

Any way to the bowl of veggies, I add a bottle of low fat or fat free bottled dressing. It may not look like enough dressing, but as the veggies thaw they release some liquid. I usually use an italian or other vinaigrette, but I've also used french, sesame ginger, and ranch. Refrigerate overnight, and as soon as it thaws it's ready to eat.

The veggies surprisingly do not get mushy, and it is really popular at picnics. When I made it for potlucks I used to add full fat dressing, but when then I started making it with low/n fat, so there'd at least be something on the table I could eat. Now I never use the full fat dressings, because no one has noticed without my telling them.
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