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Okay, I am the exact opposite. I have lost a ton in my middle and have almost, dare I say a tiny waist. My legs are atrocious. Just awful and tree trunk like.

We gotta deal with what we've been given, hard as it. I will never, ever have slender legs. I try to accentuate what I think is my best feature, my waist by wearing fitted shirts. But I will never be able to wear shorts or short skirts, I'm still living in long skirts. I haven't put on a pair of jeans in years. I'm almost getting ready to, but I just don't know. I look horrible in them.

Meowee, I also was just diagnosed with a huge gigantic fibroid and was told to have a hysterectomy, but I think I'm gonna wait on it a bit. I've been putting off the call back to the doctor to discuss it again. Just curious if you don't mind, how did you come to the decision to have the hysterectomy?
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