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There's an article in the march issue of Elle magazine where one former model whose now in her 40s explains how eating disorders like anorexia come back as a pyschological thing, a thing over control, as opposed to just weight lost. It's interesting really... I used to be very compulsive with my eating habits and very cynical of my body, but now when I look back at my teen years, I say to myself "How in the world was I so messed up in my view?" I can't even begin as to how I could even get back to that state even if I was crazy enough to do it again (thank God that a side effect of living life is development a BRAIN for once). I found the final way to control myself- to stop thinking about it, and use intuition, or what is natural to me. It's natural for water loss and water gain throughout the month, it normal to be bloated, and its natural to have an appetite. I'm simply free.

I hope you find your path and achieve your goals. When you get there you'll look back and laugh at it ever being hard in your eyes.
Art is man's nature, nature is God's art.

- Phillip James Bailey
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