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DATE: February 6, 2002

USERNAME/REAL NAME: Sweet Tooth / Peggy

AGE: 50

BIRTHDAY: September 14, 1951

MARITAL STATUS: Married - 31 years


CHILDREN/AGES: Kris (27), Dale (26), Darren (23)

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: I haven't had much time to pursue hobbies that last few years because hubby and I spend most of our spare time with house renovations. When I have the time, though, I make stained glass windows, stained glass patio stones, knit, crochet, paint and read.

PETS: Tiger the cat (26 years old). As you can see, he is older that 2 of the kids.

TOP WEIGHT: 194 pounds

CURRENT WEIGHT: 133.5 pounds

GOAL WEIGHT: 120 pounds

HEIGHT: 5' 3"


Before the hair appointment - Brown with a smattering of grey
After - Brown with streaks of blond

OCCUPATION: Office Manager at a Technical College


E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Since I embarked on this weight loss journey, I have not had any problems with weight loss. However, the 16 years leading up to the start was my biggest obstacle. As my weight crept up, I knew that I should do something about it, but was not mentally prepared to take that step because I didn't classify myself as being fat.

Last summer I was calculating my BMI online and when the results appeared, I was shocked to see that I was classified as, not just overweight, but obese. I was never a heavy person, so mentally, I did not picture myself as being 'overweight.' This was the shock that moved me to action. I guess psychologists would call it cognitive dissonance. So, to align my mental view with reality, I had 2 choices.
1. To change my mental picture of myself and accept the obese person that I am, or
2. To change my body to align with my mental picture.

I chose the latter and have not looked back. Once that decision was made, I devised a plan (people who know me tease me about Plan A, B, C, etc.), solicited the support system that I needed (primarily my husband and the ladies on this list) and was on my way. I now weigh in the 'normal' range for my height. My plan is to lose another 13.5 pounds to reach my personal goal and I expect that will be some time in March 2002.
Never be afraid to try something new.
Remember.... Amateurs built the ark,
Professionals built the Titanic.

HW 194
WW 186/125.75/120 May 2002
SBD 170/127.0/130 May - Nov. 2004
SBD 188/179/130 May 2012

May Goal: 10 pounds
Start Weight: 188
Present Weight: 179
Lost: 9 pounds
Remaining: 1 pounds

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