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No - I did not get it in yesterday -
BUT I got it in today - and before I started the day! yah!
3.4 - pretty slow - but since I haven't run for a week I let myself work into it - got faster near the end. I hate when u go back to running (well for me) and you get that ichy feeling on ure skin where ure fabric is - luckily it didn't last too long - but that is something that wants to make me stop.

Here is my two cents on marathon training (I did the NY one a few years back) - it SOOOOO helped me to go to a "running class" - my friends always made fun of me because they were like - what you learn to put one foot in front of the other. But what it taght me in central park - one of the biggest hills in NY and the finish for the NY marathon was tempo runs (what and how to do them) interval, sprinting at the end of being really tired, finding friends to run with or do other races with, committment, and I enjoyed it - and I am usually a solo runner (Scares me to have to keep up with someone or slow them down.)

Now last semester I was running each week with the triathlon team here at school - hopefully will do my first tri soon - but to the running it helped soooo much - we did mostly interval running on a track and my mile improved like 2 minutes. Bad news is you gotta keep up with it else you get slow again (like I am now) and htey moved the class to the AM on days I couldn't really do it. mad about that. but anyway - time to get inspired.

I love spin Lyria - I used to do it twice a week last semester - i have not done it once this year - the classs don't mesh well with my schedule - I'm hoping to start doing it again SOON - esp if I am training for a short Tri. I think next to running spinning is the best workout. (oh and the stair machine climber (not master) where its like an escalator.

ok - enough! whoo hoo!

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