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The plan usually has you add:
~two skim dairy servings (100 calories or less for skim milk, yogurt, etc.)
~2 fruit servings (1 fruit or 1/2c. juice)
~2-3 vegetable servings (like a small salad with lunch, steamed broccoli with dinner, etc.)
~some of the calorie plans have you add a fat serving as well-a teaspoon of peanut butter, margerine, etc.

You need these items to fill out your plan, and to make it well balanced and healthy-it isn't on its own, because you are getting the protein/starches without the fruits/veggies/ need those.

The dessert/snack is also important-because it adds 100-150 calories to your day, keeping it at a safe calorie level for weight loss. If you do not eat the desserts/snacks because your lot doesn't have them-then add another 100-150 calories to your day, a food of your choosing. The desserts/snacks also help to keep you from cheating-because you are allowed one small serving of chocolate/chips/etc. each day-so you don't feel deprived of things like that.

If you have any other questions-please ask.

Start weight after baby #3: 233.9
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