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Welcome to the community, hon. We're always glad to have new people.

It sounds like you're going to have a hard road ahead; stuff like that is always pretty difficult to conquer. But I have the utmost faith in your resolve and your ability to follow through. Keep posting about it, keep talking about it. Keep yourself accountable by posting here - there was one person, I don't remember who it was, who had developed this really bad peanut butter habit. So she posted about it here, and posted her vow to eat only exactly how much she measured for her sandwich and NOTHING straight out of the jar, and every day for about a week or so she came on and posted exactly what she'd done with the peanut butter. By the end of that time, she'd conquered it, and was doing fine. The accountability was key, and I get the feeling it will be very important for you to have that as well.

We're here for you - good luck!

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