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Hey dudes,
Sorry haven't replied, your day is my night so I always miss out when the replies come floating in.... sorry bout that.

Also, yes its kgs!!! I am aiming for the 170lb mark, so I think that is pretty healthy for me, being quite a tall / large framed person to begin with...

Thank you so much for all your responses!!! The general gist of what you all said to me (tell me if this is right) is: Eat more protein, and fibre, and up my good fats, and upping the strength training should do it- eat around 1600 cals a day, but "zig zag" to keep your body guessing.

Is that really me - thank you for posting that, i've heard it too but I'm not sure how high is too high?!!! I'm sure I'll overdo it and slink back to my former chimichanga gobbling habits...

rockinrobin - how you doing?? you always post kind helpful things, so thank you!! the thought of fibre kind of freaks me as my tummy has lots of troubles as is... but I will give it a shot. What fibrous things do you eat?

glory87 - thanks for postin! hehe good fats are all nice and good but if you eat too much they can be fattening aye? My problem is overestimating how much I should eat!!! can u give me an example quantity a normal daily allowance of good fats would be. (like half avocado, tbs nuts, tbs olive oil) cause I'm totally clueless.

Susan B - Thanks for postin aye. Would you recommend those protein powders at all? I'm thinking about it... cause I don't like eating too much meat / tuna... maybe I'll research other proteiny food items!!

Chrizzy- Thank you!!!! Its reassuring to hear someone in the same derned spot as me got over that hump and kept going!!! well done girl. have bigger brekkie? RIGHT ON!!! did that really help you? Also, i'm a bit confused. How is chicken better than a fruit salad? sorry i guess I'm pretty clueless... thanks for ur help aye.

AquaWarlock - thanks for your very informative post... yes I am doing a combo too- I'm doing as many different things as I can manage with at least 30min cardio too. I will try to eat more good calories!! Maybe that will help. I will keep you posted!!
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