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S/C/G: 185/138/~135 to maintain

Height: 5' 6"


lily, the original poster may have gone by kilograms (since she's in Sydney, and U.S. is pretty much the odd ball out with our crazy measurement system) and not pounds -- so roughly that's about 284 pounds current & 176 as goal (and yes, I was freaked out when I initially saw her posted numbers too).

But to answer the OP's question, I (and i'm sure many other 3FCers would agree) wouldn't advise going lower than 1,200 calories a day ~ and your diet may not be working because your body think it's starving and trying even harder to cling on to the fat it does have. Try to up your calories a bit more (1,600-1,800), and continue keeping your meals helpful (whole grains, lots of fibers, good lean protein, reduce fats/refined carbs when possible)

As for metabolism boosting, what workouts are you doing? For me personally, a combination of cardio & weights do the trick. The former revs up your heart & metabolic rates (which lasts for hours after workout) and the latter builds muscles, which burn more calories than fatty tissues.
Current program: 1,800 calories most days of the week; 45-60 minutes of mixed exercises (weights, cardio-kickbox, dance, athletic intervals) 6 days a week
Current goal: 135 pounds by birthday (July 14th) and to run half marathon at end of May.
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