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3 + years maintaining
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Kathy please don't let your fears stop you from having a chance at the best life possible foro YOU. Don't let the numbers scare you. They're just numbers. When I first started out I was a whopping 287 lbs at a mere 5 feet. Til I decided to change my life I avoided the scale for 15 years. that's 15 years. Now I love the scale. I let that 287 motivate me instead of paralyze me. I was done avoiding my weight issues and started taking action instead.

Like everyone's said if the scale freaks you out, take it out of the equation. You will know when you are sticking to plan and things are going right. You will feel better, your clothing will start to get looser and then you might decide you want to take a look at the scale... or not. It's your decision.

I know you say it't hard to stay on track with daily well .... life and it IS. But for me it was much harder to stay at 287 lbs or whatever anyone's weight is. I was miserable beyond belief. It was definitely harder being 287 lbs then it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Anything that I thought I was sacrificing by giving up the high quantity of low quality food is nothing, nothing compared to what I have already gained. You will be GAINING a more productive life, with much more activity and joy and lots and lots of less worries. The good thing is you don't have to wait to goal to start reaping the benefits, the benefits start waaaay before. I have seen vast improvement in every single aspect of my life. And you can too.

Good luck and remember we are here for you 24/7.
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