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Hi again,

Happy to report that we both have functioning limbs this morning, after our trampoline adventure. It was a far better workout than my usual run, and much more fun.

I wore a t-shirt (long-ish), a sports bra (heavy duty-ish), work out pants and tennies. They say you can jump barefoot, but I'd recommend tennis shoes, just for traction and peace of mind. One thing: we were all sweating like pigs at the end of an hour. When we go back, I'll probably wear shorts.

Also - after you're done and back on solid ground, try jumping up. We found that we could get about an inch off the ground, and that it seemed like the force of gravity had tripled. Weird sensation, but kinda fun.

I live in Mt. View, so it really does look like we're neighbors.

Let us know what happens if you take the class - I'm dying to see what you think of it.

before/almost there pics:

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