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Thank you so much! Hey, I work in Mt View and probably live close to your BF. We went by there today and just looked around. I sent them an email asking about the classes. Since the two of us will be going, boobalah, my DH, wants to be sure that it's not going to kill him when he tries it. I'm the gutsy one. I loved our bungie jumping years and years ago. I think I can handle the trampolines there.

I want to try the foam pit as well. I think I would love diving into that puppy. Not sure I want to do the dodgeball. I didn't like dodgeball when I was a kid, so why would I want to do it now?

Please do report back in. If it's something that we think we would like, I feel the minimal cost for the classes will be worth it 2 nights a week.

Oh, we both laughed at your comment about being able to walk.

I saw your pics. Wow! As are all the chickies on here, you are amazing.

What type of clothing did you wear? I've got to be sure that I don't "flash" everyone as well as getting a black eye from the "girls".
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