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And if you really really hate the scale...focus on the behavior. Dont weigh at all.

Count the calories, get the workouts in. Focus on goals like "meeting your calorie target for a full week".

Measure your fitness level - like how far you can walk in 15 minutes and focus on improving that. When I was recovering from the birth of my baby, every day I would walk for 15 minutes down the street and at 15 minutes turn around and try to get home in 14 minutes. Every day I would try to go farther in that 15 minutes. 1 driveway, 1 house, whatever. If you use machines it is even easier.

Set challenges for doing one more rep or moving to a higher weight.

Focus on behavior and the weight loss will follow. Look at how to make the changes permanently part of your life, not a diet.

I hate quoting Oprah's whipping boy, but Bob Greene said once if he had his way noone would weigh in for the first THREE months of a lifestyle change. Just focus on changing the life, dont worry about the weight. Weight is too fickle of a measure.
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