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Hi everyone

Reality has struck and I'm forced to make changes. We were offered a free wellness screening/complete blood workup thru my job. My results showed that my cholesterol is 224 and glucose was too high as well...don't remember that number at the moment. The last time I had the same tests was when I turned 50, and my results were normal.
So, I don't know if I've gradually developed this over the last 3 years, or if it's due to my abnormally bad eating habits/sedentary lifestyle of the last 8 or 9 months
We purchased a new treadmill and I've been walking 30 minutes each day as a start.
Today I'm beginning WW again and am committed to journalling and planning. That is key for me, I know....if I don't plan I'm doomed to a day of bad choices.
Having gained weight slowly over the last 1/2 year, my knees have been hurting again as well. Reality bites! I'm reminded daily that my body isn't what it used to be...but I do have the power to change some of the problems.

I absolutely love my new job and the department I'm working in! It's a much more laid-back atmosphere and the work is interesting. I've been given a great opportunity to fine-tune the position and make any changes I like. After the job-related stress of the last year, this is a dream come true!

I realize now how much that long-term stress affected my weight, attitude and general well-being. I feel as tho a cloud has lifted and I'm back to my old self. Joe is greatly relieved, as I haven't really been myself.

Last month I attended a training seminar and am now a tutor for our local high school district's Learn To Read adult literacy program. I missed doing volunteer work and was looking for the right program. This is it! Each tutor is assigned an adult student and they work one-on-one for a 10 week semester. Most of the students are ESL students, must be over 18, and usually test at a 4th or 5th grade reading level in English. My student is from China, will turn 50 this year. She's bright, witty, and is working very hard to improve her English pronunciation and spelling. It is extremely rewarding to work with her.

Hope all is well with everyone. Have a great weekend!
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