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Ah Jett: Just concentrate on taking care of yourself. the flu is starting to hit areas hard! We even have hospitals here on "divert" meaning - unless you are near coma don't come here we have no beds!

Soon: See above... take care sweetie

jusj: welcome to the daily are doing superfantastic!
BG: oh yeah... I'm getting agita just looking at prices! Too many choices and $$$$!

Ruth: Mother Hen is returning!!just be careful --better to stay put than face some of these delays! I hope you arent taking Jet Blue!

LC: you will Looooove Sattelite!! No going back ever LOL!will you have TIVO type ability on your tv?

Phins: Vent away!!!! Who knew Alabama could get that cold??? but thinking they had snow in Mexico...CRAZY!!!
I'm a Jersey gal.. and I actually feel like I'm missing something not being part of the cold snowy blast...sick... It was 30 when I took the doggage for a felt like 50 to me... a different kinda cold here.

RNMOM: I can do you one better: I had a 8am meeting in PA.. I worked from home the day before and feel asleep on the coach. I woke with a start at 6:30, showered and ran out the door to drive the 1 hour plus... I got there at 8 PM that night, the day before! Talk about automatic pilot for work!
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