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Juno its called "The Ballet Workout" taught by Melissa Lowe. Then theres "The Ballet Workout II". Creative names eh? The Ballet Workout has Melissa in arabesque in a blue shiny unitard. There are two 30m classes on the tape using stretch, barre and floorwork. There are "real" people in the class unlike the second tape which has highly trained (albiet young) dancers. I like it a lot. Its $19.95 on Collage Video ( ).

Steph: What a picture you paint of you and the dog!! LOL! So much for mans best friend! I hear you wanting spring. I'm so lucky to live in an area where winter is cold/rainy but not blistering. We save the blistering weather for our summers!!

PW: It sounds like all of your hard work is paying off in a career that you enjoy! Last night we were watching the Animal Planet channel and seeing people do what they TRULY love to made me sigh that I don't have the courage to do what would really make me happy because of money worries. My priorities are all screwed up.

JS: Congrats on being a new Auntie!! Tofu is a challenge. I tried a yogurt called silken soy or something like that. It was soooo good. I don't eat a lot of yogurts because most are filled with nothing but sugar - this one was great. I have a mac n cheese recipe using tofu instead of noodles at home. I'll post it tomorrow. OH - I have a good eggplant recipe using tofu to - it has a japanese flavor to it. I'll get that one too. Mostly my experience with tofu is to use it in place of meat in casserole/soup/lasagne type dishes and it works out well. The trick is getting in flavor with tofu - thats why it works better in dishes with lots of spices/sauces.

Catherine: You sound inline and motivated. Its a good feeling. The sense of accomplishent in setting goals and achieving them!! Nurturing your core is a never ending daily job! And one that we often put on the bottom of our "to do" lists. Keep it up!

I had a "lightbulb" moment today (as Ms O would say). I realized that I no longer see or think of myself as fat!! Sure, in bodybuilding terms, I'd like to get my bodyfat lower on my thighs (that just takes time and patience) but the overall pic in my mind (and the mirror) is not a fat one!! Its a subtle difference but its really shifted my mindset. Especially when I recall the not too long ago days of me in near tears because of what I saw in the mirror. I honestly do not care what the scale says anymore - this is the gift/lesson that I've rec'd from bodybuilding. Can you believe I've been doing it for over a year now? WOW!!

Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit...

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