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Baby Steps
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Robin: How's it going?

Lily: WTG on getting the puppies gone. I'm ready for spring as well! Hope you can hold out the time until you have the house to yourself again!!

BB: Another cruise sounds like fun! Hope you get to see what you want this time. Happy BD to your son

Tracy: Next time you go there, wrap your hand up and tell them you're not allowed to move it for 3 days Maybe that'll work? And sounds like you wouldn't have gotten your point across no matter what you had said. My sympathies go to you

Well, after stupidity this weekend, I'm back OP. I talked to DH and told him that I've GOT to stay OP even during the weekend because this is just not healthy. I'm never going to lose weight at this rate. In fact, all my jeans are too tight, and the scale has creeped up. UGH! So I'm determined THIS TIME I'm going to stay OP, drink my water and exercise. So far I've got half my water in, I've exercised, and I'm OP (so far). I plan on making some SF jello in case I need to snack. ONWARD!!!!!

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