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Originally Posted by NurseMichelle View Post
OOOOH fingers crossed for mare's daughter!! I hope she passes her boards! Nowadays they can find out almost the same day whether they passed or not. I had to wait WEEKS and practically TACKLED the mailperson when he came by the house. I took 75 questions (the minimum) and passed. But I doubted it until the minute I got the actual news.

Peds Oncology, what a rewarding and heartbreaking specialty. Bless her for wanting to get into that. I have a lot of heart, but I don't know if I could do it.
Thank you sooooo much! Part of her feels this week has been dragging because she takes the test on Saturday. Another part of her feels that the week is pushing her to it.

I couldn't do Peds Oncology either! I think she got the bug many years ago when she was recovering from an injury. She fell down a mountain at Bible camp. (shoulda sent her to a biker's camp. she'd have gotten drunk and not hurt when she fell down that mountain. on me!) Anyway, I got her a book by Erma Bombeck. I Wanna Grow Up! I Wanna Grow Hair! I Wanna go to Boise! She was hesitant at first then got deeply into it.

I'll either be jumping for joy or in here crying soon.
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