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The big craze now does seem to be low carb, which doesnt work for me. I've tried those diets in the past and I get foggy brained and extremely lethargic. I am on Southbeach which a lot of people think is low carb. However, I've never eaten so healthy in my life. I have to have 1 cup of veggies with breakfast, 2 cups with lunch and 2 cups with dinner. Plus, I have some sort of fresh veggie for my 2 snacks each celery with laughing cow cheese or natural peanut butter. I eat two fresh fruits a day. The allowed fats are very limited and they are only the healthy, extra virgin olive oil. All bread, rice and pasta are whole grain only and meats are the non-fatty cuts, no ribs or dark meat! I would say that I am following a whole food diet, however, the structure of following the Southbeach plan helps me to stay on-plan. I'm sure I will be tweaking the plan to fit my lifestyle later down the road
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