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Default Diet "Truths" of the Past

In the early 90s, when I was about to graduate from college, the low fat craze began. Grocery shelves were rapidly inundated with low-fat versions of everything, especially snack foods. Low-fat Oreos! Low-fat Butterfingers! Snackwells! "FAT MAKES YOU FAT" was the catchphrase and we all felt so scientific. "Wow! It's so clear once you realize it! Why hadn't we thought of that before?" I also remember a 20/20 special on the low fat craze, where they went to a young woman's house, and all that was in her cupboards were Snackwell's and other low fat snack foods. "She won't eat anything unless it says low-fat," her roommate said.

Nowadays the low fat craze has died down from that frenzy, though there are still low-fat products out there. "Fat makes you fat," isn't the mantra anymore.

What's the mantra now? Do you think it is "correct" (will it stand the test of time)? What other mantras or diet "truths" do you remember from the past?

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