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Aimee, when you're sick, you need to just focus on getting better! You are so committed, girl! Sugar is sometimes just the thing to soothe and coat your throat and is in tons of medicines that are sometimes the only thing that helps. Focus on getting better, hon and then face the cravings.

Once you've done the initial 2 weeks of P1 at the beginning, there's NO reason to do 2 weeks again ever! It's way too long! Each person's length of time until cravings leave is different; some are 3 days, some 5, etc. But all you have to do, if you do have cravings when you are feeling 100% healed, is go on P1 until the cravings leave. I don't think that'll be any longer than 5 days, which I think anyone can manage. Once the cravings are gone, just jump back into P2.

Here's a link to a Daily Dish article on SBD and what to do when you're sick. Hope that helps, too! Feel better, hon!
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