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Default Pregnant & Staying Fit ~ February 2002 :)

Ok... I posted a response to Ann in last month's thread and realized we hadn't started a February thread yet so here it is.

Thursday night Brad and I had our first Prepared childbirth class. The classes are 3 hours long but only for 3 weeks. It was pretty interesting, but 3 hours is a long time. Brad was great... he didn't even complain when the instructor kept picking on him to help her with things. It was also interesting that about a third of the women there are my OB's patients, and probably another third go to her partners. And except for 2 women the rest of us all have due dates within a 4 or 5 day window. The hospital will be BUSY. Brad was intrigued to see that 2/3 of the men were in his or a closely related field (networking/computers).

I had my OB appt that day too. I'd been having contractions a lot that morning and the day before, mostly right after coughing, so she checked me out. I'm not at all dialated or efaced or anything and she thinks that my muscles were just sore and tired and complaining when I coughed and the baby moved. The contrax have stopped and I figure that now my muscles are just saying "whatever!"

The baby is still moving quite a bit, although we do have some quiet times when I wish that I would feel something. I guess that's when the baby is sleeping. The antibiotics seem to be finally kicking in and I'm starting to feel a little bit better although I'm still very congested and coughing quite a bit. Brad helped me with that the other day too... he pointed out that if when I start feeling a coughing fit coming on I try to relax and focus on breathing normally I only cough once or twice rather than repeatedly til I feel like I can't breathe. Of course it doesn't keep me from coughing at all but I think part of the "fits" is a bit of fear of not being able to catch my breath...

Well, that's enough for my book... I hope everyone is doing well, happy and healthy...

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