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Hello, friends, and happy Monday.

Unfortunately, my sickess is back. I somehow knew those 2 days were just too good to last! Ah well, hopefully only a few more weeks of this!

Scully -- I'm not personally an X-files fan but my DH is, so was watching with him last night. All that pregnancy stuff is TOO creepy!

I also have the Dr Sears pregnancy book. I love all Dr Sears materials. Although I don't agree with all his parenting styles (co-sleeping, etc.) I really like where he comes from and I think he has excellent advice! I read everything in that book about weight-loss during pregnancy but found some conflicting advice. In one area it talks about exercise being a great way to lose body fat during pregnancy (and safe) but then in another area it said weight loss is never recommended because of the protein spilling into the bloodsteam that can be poison to the baby. Any insights?

My personal goal is to gain around 15 lbs and no more. I think that's what is healthiest for me. But each pregnancy is different, so I will just have to do my best and follow my body's lead.

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