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My butterfly bush has purple blossoms, almost all summer it was a good 15+ feet tall and rubbing against the house. It has nice folliage, that it mostly sheds in the winter and is now just a bunch of 6' tall sticks in the snow! And itsworthit, we may just have to meet up if ya come west this year!!! What color was yours Karefree? The people who lived here before us said they used to prune it down to the ground every few years to keep it in check, but I couldn't quite do that!

Let's see, I'm still not being a very good loser these days... someone light a spark under my butt! lol!

Well, I'd better get back to my stork stuff, and as I just got disconnected and hope to get back on to send this I'd better get busy on my new internet service provider! I have a number to worldnet (which is not the At&t worldnet) but have not called I a procrastinator or what?????

Health to us all!

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