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Happy Valentines day, sweeties!

LOL! I said that once today to my son as he was getting ready for school and got a grunt in return. He was happy to take the small box of candy with him though along with his lunch!

I hope everyone gets to spend some time with those they love today and gets to enjoy it!

We rode the bike yesterday for 20 minutes each but I am afraid the bike is on its last leg or wheel, in this case. Paul is having to hammer in a metal rod that attaches the pedal on a daily basis! Maybe that will be our next splurge when the financial situation gets on a even keel again. I would love to get a recumbent. BTW, Flower, how are you liking yours?

Itsworthit, I haven't seen the tape you mentioned. In fact, I haven't seen any of them. I noticed yesterday at the libraby they have one (I don't think it was the one you mentioned) but I will check this one out soon since you enjoyed the treat one you got. I appreciated the tip.

Flower, sorry to hear Griffin is still sick. Poor baby....I hope the doesn't have the croop. That is REALLY hard to listen to. If you have a small bath with a shower and it gets too bad go in there with him and run the shower on hot and sit in there with the steam. They say it helps. A hot water humidifier would probably do the same thing. Good luck. I will send up a prayer for you and the baby. No wonder you are in a mood! Sick baby, new job, restricted diet and living with 4 males!

Well, I need to go climb on the bike and ride.

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