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Default What did they do to my Boca Burger?

I got a new box (Vegan original) at the store last week and I thought they had just changed the packaging but NO

Old box - 1 burger 70 cals 5 calories from fat 280 mg sodium
New box - 1 burger 100 cals 20 calories from fat and 470 mg sodium

I can deal with the increase in calories and fat, although I dont understand the point and am dissapointed

But the sodium is awful. What I love about the bocas is to me they taste just as good as a burger and I can do them up with lowfat cheese and catsup and pickles and t&l and it is a nice filling burger especially on ezekiel buns.

Yesterday I had my first one out of the new box and it was so salty it was barely edible. YUCK. I want my salt in my pickles not my "meat"
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