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Default no weight loss first week???

hi all - this is my first time being a part of an on-line support group - i'm glad to have found such a wonderful resource. here is my question:
i have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. after my first child i was okay with never losing the last 10-15lbs. of pregnancy weight since i knew i would have another child and gain weight again. so i started out with #2 about 12 lb. heavier than my ideal, wonderful weight of 125 on my 5'5 frame. now that i am no longer breastfeeding #2 i am determined to get back down to 125...i am currently 136. i started the south beach diet last week at 137. i waited an entire week to weigh myself and was really frustrated to see that there had been only 1 pound lost!!!!
i am following phase one of the diet and have been consuming about 1400 calories a day with 500 burned through exercise (treadmill running,followed by lunges (60), push-up (30), and 100 sit-up's).
any thoughts? advice?
i feel like i went form a pretty nutrient dense normal diet to phase one of south beach for 1 pound??? i'm discouraged.
thanks for listening!
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