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Great thread idea Doughnut

I often have people ask about my story, I really feel that I have no big story ...

I was a pretty average kid... As a teenager I thought I was fat, but looking back at pictures I was far from it. I had one aunt that always commented on my bone structure, I thought she was saying that I was overweight so I thought I was fat... I do have big bones which can be seen in my NOT so delicate hands, good hand for picking potatoes my g/f always says ... And I do have a very wide back even without weight training...

As a young adult, 20 yrs or so, I started biking and liking it and that's how I kept in shape.

At 28 I decided to quit smoking and start exercising. This is when I joined a gym, 22 years ago ... At the time there were only about 5 girls on the weight side of the room, we had a blast working with the big guys. I did some aerobic classes but I didn't like them at all, it was too much like work... I preferred just weight training.

At 30 my mother and I both needed to lose weight I was weighing about 150 then. We joined Weight Watchers I lost 20lbs, I was down to 130 ... Then BAM, as soon as I reached my goal I got pregnant ... I wanted to be pregnant, but hated the thought of gaining all my weight back... I ballooned up to 180 .

It took about 2 years to get back to 130, once again I got pregnant. This time I ballooned up to well over 200# ... I looked aweful I had no neck I shudder everytime I look at this pic of myself just days before delivering my DD... After DD was born I yo-yoed and yo-yoed and yo-yoed, up and down, up and down...

Then we bought this new fangled gadget a computer and this is when I discovered the internet and all the great resources available for just about everything imaginable. One day I googled "diet sites" or something like that, and discovered 3FC... I lurked for a very long time as most people do. I lurked the most in the Ladies Who Lift section and they talked a lot about Body for Life, eating 5-6 meals/day. I started posting and met Mrs.Jim, Meg and Mel... I learned a LOT from those 3 ladies and finally started to lose weight, I lost 15# :dance, but it took me foreEVER to lose , but lose I did and have kept it off...

I also started running and this has helped tremendously in keeping the weight off...

A few weeks ago I turned 50 ... this is the last time I will lose the weight because there is no way I am getting pregnant at this point in time ... So I have no excuse anymore ...

And that girls and boys is my story and I'm stickin' to it ... Later all
I l e n e
Falling down is not failure....Failure is staying down.

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