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Default Wednesday

Hi Hi!

I'm sneaking in a post at work ... I'm all alone here ... that doesn't happen too often! Whew!

Hi Tanya - OMG - Happy B'day! I'm such a slacker at that ... here @ the office my mate keeps track of everyone's b'days ... it's just not me thing!
It sounds like you made the best choices possible celebrating your birthday and you deserve to enjoy it! Kudos!
I'm sure the procedure will go well - I would suggest maybe wearing a camisole tank topy type w. bra lining ? I've got a few of those I wear in the summer or w. jammies - I picked them up @ NY&Co and Old Navy; or an exercise type bra top ? Uni-boob ...
I love Ben & Jerry's Frozen Yogurt - Cherry Garcia ... there aren't many types of B&J that I don't like ... too bad they don't have it in smaller sizes where I am.

Kier - in the early AM there are yoga shows on channel 13 and 21 and I swear it's the same lady for the past like 20 years ... and she looks the same! Haha! Yoga is awesome - I tried attending a class 2x a week just for relaxation purposes due to work and school. It helped so much w. my flexibility range and stretching.

Hi Belle & Lori!

Have a great day girls ... I've got to do some damage control and journal what I ate yesterday. I feel like I can eat a COW today ... ugh and SLEEP! PMS in full force!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein

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