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Default Is it too late?

Hi ladies,
How is everyone doing today? Belle, how is your mom doing? Oh I was also wondering, when are you due?

Is it too late for me to jump in, I ment to post on Monday, but it was my birthday and then yesterday I had two doctors appointments. I have big exam tonight and I have been trying to study, but I need a break. I have to get a large lump removed from under my breast on Friday. It is nothing to worry about just a few stiches, but I need some advice. What should I do for a bra, the wire would sit right on the incision and I HAVE to go to school on Monday and the stictches won't disolve for 7-10 days. I am also having a birth mark removed aff my hand becaus ethe doctor thinks it "looks dark", but I am not worried about that, it's small.

Lori are you feeling any better? I am sorry to hear that you had a rough week

I have done OK, this week as far as eating and exercise. I did splurge on Birthday cake and I went out to eat twice for my birthday, but both days I ordered light and only ate half my plate. Yesterday I was great all day and then last night mu husband bought me some "Ben and Jerry's low-fat frozen yogurt" has any one ever tried "half baked" it's amazing chocolate and vanilla swirl w/ chunks of brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough, mmmm eating2:
I weigh in tomorrow morning and I think I will probably be the same as last week or down a half pound? I did hit the gym everday but Sunday, so that's good right?

Hi Deb and Kier. Deb, I love Amy's lasagna, mmmm. Kier, I am still cracking up just picturing the couple in your yoga video. I need to go get Jackson down for a nap so I will post more later.

Mini goal for Spring!!

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