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Belle No Its called Megase I think its a hormone that's released in your body when you are pregnant. . .with the surgery we have to wait 2 years to try to have kids or me and the potential kid could die from malnutrition. I'm sorry about your Mom the hip the heart and the farts! Hopefully she'll be out soon
I've never heard of co-ed hospital rooms.
Lori Thank God you're not Pregnant that would be one too many things to carry on your shoulders! As for the loose skin I don't have much maybe in my arms a bit but I think Had I waited longer and had a higher BMI it would have really been a problem thenagain ask me in 35 pounds.
Deb that lasagna sounsd soo good!!!! i hear you on the lights my husband will see a bulb blown and not fix it unless I ask someone else to do it!
gotta run!
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