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Let me see .... I remember telling the fellow I was dating that I weighed 102lbs. Then I was lying on my passport and saying I was 118 when I was 120-something. Then I got married, had three babies and someone told me I didn't look bad for having three babies.
I remember hating the idea of being 130-something.
Then suddenly I was 157 lbs and a poster child for metabolic syndrome. I doctored for every symptom in the book.
At about 42-ish a doctor told me I should be walking.
I didn't listen.
I doctored for some more symptoms and changed doctors. Fooled with health foods and found myself well over 160 lbs.
I had no clothes that fit! Then I started walking.
I jumped in whole hog at 1200 calories and whizzled my way down to 119 lbs of skin and bone.
Rebounded, badly.
Tried again. Learned alot about body composition. Got down to 126 or so by adding weight lifting to a BFL type diet.
Now ... I still apparently don't have all my ducks in a row but ... I want to be thin and healthy. So, I carry on.
Yup, it went something like that.
... Susan
Eat good food. Move yourself. Lift something.
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