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Come on Spring!
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I was up earlier but the Girls were in full "demand mode" and I had to quickly figure out a breakfast as I forgot to thaw their food. How does sardines, Wheatabix cereal and raw egg sound to you? No? That's what I thought.

Shatzi, good for you hitting the books first thing in the morning. Gets it over with. Too bad they don't have a brain chip to be inserted for each course you take.

Jetsetter and Kiko, I love seeing your shining faces early in the morning so am glad you have a chance to pop in. I'm trying for an exemplary weekend too although I don't have a weigh-in.

Cottage, if possible, stay off the darned icy roads. I hit a couple of bad patches on my trip to town yesterday - not fun!

Donna cancelled out yesterday - hubby problems -but will be here "nine-ish". We shall see. At least the tidying is all done. If she doesn't show, I'll be looking for a new cleaning person yet again.

It's an "at home" day and weekend for me. I intend to semi-hibernate with my books, knitting, dog cuddling and an afternoon nap or two. That's the plan anyhow. I get bored with myself sometimes and may finally put the border up in the kitchen and do some sewing.

Have a shiny day!
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