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Good morning Schatzi & jetsetter! It's a cold morning here today. The coffee is a brewing and I've cranked the heat up. I'm waiting for the little ones to arrive to daycare. Just thought I'd drop by and wish everyone a great SB day! I've gotta go feed my poochie. I just let her out to go potty and she's got her nose up to the window staring inside as if to say "Please let me back in cause it's COLD out here!!!" At dinner time when she smells the food cooking she does the same thing except she'll stand up on the window and scratch at the window until she gets someone's attention! She cracks me up. Unfortunately, I have to keep her out until daycare kids go home because she has shown some aggressions towards kids other than hers. (My 3) I'm thinking it's because of her breed? She's an Akita and the research that I've done on them points to it being that. My dh got her for me last Christmas without doing research on the breed and now we've grown attached to her but I still have to do daycare and we can't stand the thought of finding her a new family. Ok, I've rambled long enough. I think the coffee has kicked in and now I'm all hopped up on caffeine! LOL! Have a grrreat day girls! I'll check back later!
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