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Name: Marcie (aka Jibbelle)

Location: St. Louis, MO

Age: 27

Birthday: Sept 23

Marital Status: Single (maybe getting a ring someday soon!)

Spouse: Boyfriend of 3.5 years

Children: None

Pets: lab/aussie cattle dog mix name Casey

Height: 5'8''

Weight: Top:288 Current:246.6 lbs Goal:170 initially

Treat I have the most trouble giving up: Chocolate, chips, soda

Why I believe I'll be successful losing the weight this time: I had to have a total hip replacement (due to a very rare degenerative joint disease) and the doc said I have no choice but to lose the weight I gained since I got the disease. My new hip will last twice as long if I can get under 200. I am getting there slowly but surely!

I am getting ready to go wiegh in now, so I will let you know how I did this week!!!
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