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Hi girls.

Venus, welcome to our group! You are an inspiration already...marathons no less!

Ruthie, I'm really struggling too. Find myself eating comfort food just because I want to, not because I'm hungry. I haven't done horribly this week, just not as well as I want to. I am beyond tired of being this size, but just can't seem to get it all together at the same time to have some effect. I seem to either get the exercise OR the diet on track, but the other lapses. I am back to journalling tomorrow. Even if I 'm not OP, at least I have to face myself in writing.

I've hurt my back, and I don't know how or exactly what it is. I got out bed Tuesday morning and couldn't straighten up, then had a horrible sharp pain that seems to radiate out from my lower back up under my ribcage. Now I have a constant dull ache more on the right side, but both sides hurt just below my waist in my lower back. I'm taking my Naprosyn that I have for my hands, but after being at work all day, it's really sore.

Lamorgan, wish I had a garden, I miss having one.

Punkin, glad to hear you're taking up sewing again. I was a seamstress by trade at one time, and have been sewing since I was only 8 years old. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll see if I can explain it so it makes sense without actually being able to show you.

Flower how are you doing?
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