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Is it Friday yet?
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Hello everyone Happy Friday!

Tomarrow I'm going to reaquaint myself with a sewing machine! I'm going to make 2 door snakes and some skirting to go around the bottom of my L shaped table in my craft room to be secured with velcro to the table (so you can't see all the crap I have shoved under the table!). I'm looking forward to re-learning to sew! Eventually I need to remove the door from my bedroom into the master bath. It's in a really funky place and I want to replace it with a real lush curtain of some sort. Gotta brush up on my sewing skills before I do that!

Amyjo - a nurse! How wonderful!!! My Aunt's a nurse... I'd love to be around the new mommies too - and to see a C-section! I watch the TV programs that show babies being born all the time - I don't want one (not gonna be a mom in this life I think), I just love watching them come into the world with that "this AGAIN???" look on their faces.

Ruthie - Yes, winter can be the pits. I just moved from CA where winter is, well, a joke, to central Oregon where from the week after Thanksgiving to the week before last we had NO SUN. NONE. I was crying, depressed and thought I was gonna hurt someone... add into that the life changes you've gone through and it's no doubt you feel a little "off". The year I divorced and moved to Oregon I was gonna change my life and be everything that I knew I was. Instead I spent the first year+ wallowing in a "why isn't life grand" phase. Heck, it's been 3 years and I'm still trying to finish becoming the person I know I am deep inside. So goes being in your 30's though I guess...
Anyway, yes, winter can be bad - too bad it's also one of my favorite times of year. I love rain, snow and blustery weather... it just makes me suicidal...

Lamorgan - Seedy Saturday sounds wonderful! I have 5 acres I need to do something with once we are out of our frost. I've never had a yard, so going from a houseplant to 5 acres is going to be scary! May my thumb be green and the deer go elsewhere to snack...

VenusEnvy - Welcome!!! I agree with your "just 5 minutes". I do that when I walk out the garbage. I have a 280 foot long driveway and it never fails that once I get to the end of it I've talked myself into walking the mile and back that is to the furthest next street and home. As for the parachute... you go right ahead... I've got a perpetual fear of hights (as in my kitchen step stool makes my head spin). You have fun though!!

Well, have a great weekend everyone! I'm outta here until Monday!


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