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Default Commitments to my inner child

Sometimes my inner child is cranky and won't do what clearly needs to be done. So I try to keep in touch with my inner parent as well. (No wonder I'm large -- it's crowded in there!)

The deal is this: When I wake in the morning, even if I don't WANT to go walking, I have to get dressed and try it for five minutes. If I feel like crawling back into bed after five minutes -- I DO! No guilt, no lectures. It means that I probably need the rest, or at least the chance to be out from under the yoke of my responsibilities for that morning.

But you know what? Nineteen times out of 20, I keep walking.

I walked my first full marathon three weeks ago, weighing 242 pounds. That's 26.2 miles!! And I did it all thanks to those five minutes I made myself do throughout training.

Now my inner child and inner grownup are collaborating on our next big goal for June: Lose 25 pounds (6 pounds gone so far this month!), walk the Rock & Roll Marathon in San Diego .... and then we're all doing a parachute jump for our 42nd birthday!
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