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Wow. To a person who's mostly always been a "normal" size, prior to this post I would have thought it rude to not acknowledge somebody's weightloss if we see each other a lot. As if I don't like to offer compliments to others who really do deserve them. And in your heart you should know that you deserve the compliments. When someone does something so drastically wonderful for themselves, I just feel happy for them and I like to let the person know. I complimented someone in the gym who had lost a lot of weight and asked (oops!) "what's your secret". His simple response was "I do cardio 5 days a week and I eat 6 meals a day." Anyway, now I'm wondering if I offended him! Most of us who have commented probably didn't mean to be at all rude or to make someone feel uncomfortable. Anyway Amanda, you look great and that's what people are thinking when they see you and they like to say what's on their minds if its acceptable. Personally, I LOVE it that people are finally starting to notice my weightloss (and less people have been asking if I'm pregnant..wish I was kidding here), and I love to help people if I can, so would be happy to share weightloss methods if asked (but that's just me).

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