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Originally Posted by howie6267 View Post
I used to do the low cal breads but they just put so much extra junk in them that is not needed. I have really been trying to stick to less processed foods. Yes my bread is 100 calories a slice so I only eat one slice. I just cut it in half for my egg sandwich. I think we would all do better if we try and stick with whole foods and stay away from the processed stuff. I buy brownberry bread for the most part but you even have to watch some of there breads have the enriched processed flour or high fructose corn syrup. Not trying to seem snooty here just saying what works for me. What I really love is right next to my office is a Great Harvest Bread store. I by a fresh loaf once a week to keep at the office. I like to have a slice with peanut butter and jelly or make toast with butter and jelly.
I agree with howie. I don't buy the diet or sugar free stuff. I do my own baking- including bread and slice it thinly with an electric knife. I'd rather eat real food and eat less of it than eating a bunch of additives....
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