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Red face Answers

LindaT. Diagnosed in June of 06 after waking up numb from the hips down. After researching it, I believe I may have had it for quite a while, maybe as long ago as 1992. No limitations set as far as physical exercise. Although the only limitation I've noticed is that while numb, going down steps can present a problem. I can't feel the edge of the step and get off balance and/or scared to proceed. They've presented me with a key to use the elevator in such an event (at work).

I've set up a real gym in my new home. Honest! I have pictures! I've been using the dreadmill and the recumbent bike. Might try the Urban Rebounder to some of the new music Jennifer has sent me.

And Jennifer said it didn't smell funny in here until I showed up with my "unwershed butt." Well, to her, because I've washed and I'm heading out the door to work.

TTFN Chickies. Thanks for welcoming me here. Gotta scoot
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