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Afternoon, chickies! Yesterday was another marathon grocery shopping run- this time I was smart and wore sneakers instead of heels from work. And did my 1 mile WATP at 9pm, but I did it!

Today- 1 mile WATP when I walk in the door, and resistance bands while watching TV later.

Mel- Ask and you shall receive. I must have magical powers or something. and LOL at 30 minutes ON TOP of Bob....I'm laughing & shaking my head, cuz I know who he is, and, well, the mental picture.... hee hee!

Linda- I made it to the 12 minute mark before the urge to collapse started to set in. That's 4 minutes longer than the first time I did it this week. I'll get there, eventually. Hope the congestion is clearing.

Patty- looks like a wide variety there, with less chance of getting bored.

LOL @ that turtle... I'm so glad you came, too. 2 days down...and let's keep it going, girlie!
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