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Good morning!!!!
Cdm- glad to hear that the baby is feeling better. You feel so bad for them when they are sooooo clingy and whiney and there is little to do to comfort them but hold them and hold them some more (rough on mom, though!). How are you feeling? (you mentioned that you had a cold) Good that you got some weights in and a walk anyway. WTG with that water, yes there are times that it is only water that keeps me out of trouble (this morning, for instance!)

Spryng- good for you! Great that you got your inspiration back.
Forget the scale when you weigh in- try to view it as purely informational and inspirational~ if you gained use it as a gentle kick to drink more water ! No, you seem to be fine on the water scene, use it as a gentle reminder that you will make better choices today. Don't beat yourself up.

Today, I am off to a good start. I have walked away from a lot of food, thankfully with ease. (drank a lot of water though).
I have to go do some filing, the bills and papers are piling up all over the place.
Off to tame the paper tiger! Have a great day.
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